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Human Resources

General Engineer (Reserve Technician)
Salary: Negotiable
Shenzhen / full-time / 15 people / technical secondary school, technical and above
Job responsibility
1. Mechanical cabinets, sheet metal structural parts, transmission mechanisms, etc.
2. Assembly, wiring, and wiring of electrical cabinets and cabinets;
3. Production materials collection, material distribution and logistics package services;
4. Complete the work tasks assigned by the superior.
1. Academic qualifications and professional requirements: secondary school education, technical secondary school or above, electrical and electronic \ electromechanical integration \ electrical automation \ logistics priority to consider;
2. Qualification certificate: clamp certificate \ electrician certificate \ forklift certificate priority;
3. Work experience: One year working experience in mechanical structure, transmission, aerodynamic structure assembly, electrical wiring, wiring assembly or logistics service. A large equipment factory or non-standard automation work experience is preferred.
4. Knowledge and skills: understand the basic principles of machinery, electrical, can read the assembly drawings
5. Personal qualities: Active work, hard work, obedience to work arrangements, strong team spirit, and strong communication skills.
* the company strictly in accordance with the "labor law" the implementation of eight hours and five days work, pay five social insurance and one housing fund, overtime overtime, salary consists of basic salary + performance + bonus + living allowance
Organize a company tour every year, and the traditional festivals all have welfare
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