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Human Resources

Business manager
Salary: Negotiable
Experience 2-3 years / 29 people / full time
Job responsibility
1. Complete sales tasks for the current year in the responsible area;
2. Collect and analyze the products, customer information and market demand information in the area in charge;
3. The customer explores and mines potential customer resources in the region; customer visits, business negotiations, contract signing, customer maintenance, etc.;
4. Assist engineers in on-site after-sales service work and enhance customer service satisfaction
5, as soon as possible familiar with the work process, learn product knowledge, familiar with the scope of business, familiar with the company's rules and regulations and processes.
6. Comply with the Employee Code
1, Education: college degree or above
2, professional requirements: industrial and commercial enterprise management, marketing, machinery manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical integration, electrical automation, CNC and other related professional
3, business sales experience of more than 1.5 years; with independent market development experience is preferred;
4. Capacity requirements: Strong communication skills, market information collection and analysis capabilities, market development and public relations capabilities, communication skills, and logical thinking skills
5, individual requirements: hard-working, honest, trustworthy, able to work hard
Electrical Technician
Salary: Negotiable
Shenzhen / full-time / 10people / secondary and above
Job responsibility
Laser automation equipment harness production, electrical assembly, debugging
1. Academic qualifications and professional requirements: Technical secondary school or above technical qualifications;
2. Qualification Certificate: Electrical Certificate, Electromechanical Integration and Electrical Automation;
3. Work experience: 2 years of experience in electrical wiring, assembly, installation and debugging of non-standard and automation equipment electrical hardware systems;
4. Knowledge and skills: Electrical ability to understand maps, understanding of electrical wiring, familiar with the use of a variety of high and low voltage electrical components and control. Strong hands-on ability;
5. Personal qualities: Active work, hard work, obedience to work arrangements, strong team spirit, and strong communication skills.
Value-added service engineer
Salary: Negotiable
National / full-time /15 / junior college and above
Job responsibility
1. Engaged in the on-site installation, commissioning, training, acceptance, maintenance and value-added services of the company's laser equipment customers.
2. Monitor customer site equipment usage, collect and feedback usage questions, and assist R&D personnel to improve and enhance product performance;
3, to assist marketers to accurately grasp the customer's application requirements for our laser equipment and provide technical support.
4. Obey the work arrangement and deployment of superiors and actively cooperate with the technical support requirements of the relevant departments of the company;
1, Education: college degree or above
2, professional requirements: electrical and electronic, automation, industrial control, mechanical and electrical integration, laser, CNC and other related professional
3. Qualification Certificate: College English Level 4 and Computer Level 2 or above
4. Work experience: More than two years working experience in the same industry
5, personal requirements:
a. Have strong work responsibility and communication and coordination skills, honesty and honesty, active work, open-mindedness, positive attitude, and strong professionalism;
b. Has good execution ability, good ability to find and solve problems, better teamwork ability, continuous self-learning and ability to upgrade.
Electrical Engineer
Salary: Negotiable
Shenzhen / Full Time/2 People / Bachelor Degree and above
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for building a modular electrical system
2. Non-standard equipment, the overall design of the electrical system design, component selection, BOM production, electrical mapping
3.PLC program design and HIM programming
4. Equipment debugging, manuals and related documentation, and provide the necessary technical support for after-sales service
5 to complete other tasks assigned by the leadership
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronics, automation, etc. CET-4 or equivalent
2 years of non-standard automation equipment electrical design work experience
3. Proficiency in electrical expertise, can independently complete a variety of complex programming, circuit design, drawing, wiring and debugging equipment
At least familiar with a mainstream PLC programming, such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Omron, Siemens, etc., proficient in the control principle of electrical products
5 has a good experience with the robot through four applications
Mechanical Engineers
Salary: Negotiable
Shenzhen / bachelor and above / 6 people
Job responsibility
1. Participate in the development and design of products, complete the 3D drawings of products or design drawings of spare parts according to the arrangement of the project team, write review materials, and formulate bills of materials and product specifications;
2. Assist in the assembly and debugging of general-purpose products, follow-up the processing, production, and production process control of equipment, equipment optimization and post-maintenance support;
3, finishing design drawings and filing and standardization;
4. Participate in and follow-up on new R&D projects, project design, management review, document data management;
5. Follow-up preparation of installation instructions and operating instructions after equipment upgrade.
6. Work plan formulation and progress report submission and reporting.
1, Education: Bachelor degree or above
2, professional requirements: mechanical design, mechanical and electrical integration, automation related professional;
3. More than three years experience in non-standard automation and automation equipment development, capable of independent mechanical design and program planning;
4, skill requirements:
a, Proficiency in using Office, autoCAD, Solidworks and other tools;
b、Proficient in pneumatic technology, machining technology, metal materials and heat treatment, non-metallic material properties and applications;
c. Proficient in the standard application of various institutions such as bearings, screw rods, linear slides, etc.;
d. Understand various sensing and application, stepping and servo selection applications;
e. Familiar with the national standards for mechanical drawing, the drawings are clearly expressed; skilled in all kinds of tolerance coordination and the use of shape and position tolerances;
5, personal requirements: good communication skills, honest and trustworthy, able to work hard, good team spirit, innovation ability;
Electrical Engineer
Salary: Negotiable
Shenzhen / Full Time/2 People / Bachelor Degree and above
Job responsibility
1. Responsible for the electrical control part of the equipment, work with mechanical engineers to complete the overall design, review
2. Completion of detailed design of electrical solutions, selection of electrical components, drafting of drawings, and design of electrical control programs
3. Develop and prototype prototypes, participate in site installation and commissioning and handle electrical control issues
4. Organizing project data and technical documents to provide necessary technical support and training for production and after-sales service
5. The design and improvement of the electrical part of the product, and the application of new electrical technologies and products
1, Education: Bachelor degree or above
2, professional requirements: automation or electrical engineering and automation related professional, CET-4 or equivalent
3. With 3 years of experience in electrical design of automation equipment, it can independently lead the development, design, and debugging of the electrical part of the project. He is familiar with electrical drawings and is familiar with the selection of electrical components.
4. Skill requirements: Proficient in programming of PLC program, touch screen, inverter application, familiar with servo motor, stepper motor debugging, familiar with industrial robot application, non-standard automation experience is preferred
5, personal requirements: good team spirit and communication skills, practical experience, can withstand a certain work pressure, work attentive, with work responsibility
Mechanical Engineers
Salary: Negotiable
Shenzhen / Undergraduate and above / 4 people
Job responsibility
1. Responsible for building a modular automation organization
2. Pre-project and customer technical exchange and plan formulation and complete detailed design and verification of equipment
3. Detailed structural design and engineering drawings, BOM table, and evaluation of production costs
4. Provide technical guidance during equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning
5. Write equipment specifications and related technical documents, and provide necessary technical support for after-sales service
1, Education: Bachelor degree or above
2, professional requirements: mechanical or mechanical and electrical professional graduation
3, with more than 4 years experience in product structure design, must have experience in independently designing complete products
4, skill requirements:
a、Skilled in using solidworks/CAD, better (familiar with Inverter), designing solutions according to customer requirements, designing 3D, drawing
b. Skilled use of screw guides, linear motors, servo modules, double speed chains, cylinders, motors, sensors, etc.
5, personal requirements: have good verbal communication skills, and good technical communication skills.
Assembly fitter
Salary: Negotiable
Shenzhen / Full-time / 5 people / technical secondary school, technical and above
Job responsibilities:
Automation equipment mechanical structure assembly, assist debugging, self inspection
1, secondary school education or above;
2. More than 1 year working experience in the mechanical industry, with the capability of mechanical mapping, experience in assembling and debugging non-standard automated mechanical equipment, and better experience in large-scale equipment assembly, such as: transmission, aerodynamics, etc.; mechanical mapping ability, basic Understand the machining method, master the basic skills of fitter (drilling, tapping, use of basic tools), etc.;
3, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a strong sense of teamwork and responsibility.
* the company strictly in accordance with the "labor law" the implementation of eight hours and five days work, pay five social insurance and one housing fund, overtime overtime, salary consists of basic salary + performance + bonus + living allowance
Organize a company tour every year, and the traditional festivals all have welfare
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